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The "Green Company" provides innovative, high-quality goods and services in the field of culinary arts and wellness industry.

Consumers of our products are people who have a desire to improve their health, to be fuelled by beneficial doping-free and fuss-free food, and everyone who feels the necessity of eating healthy and aesthetically.

"Creating high-quality and affordable vegan product, we promote healthy life nutrition and healthy lifestyle. We cook delicious and nutritious plant-based food with minimal processing, combining high-tech methods and creative thinking. Our main goal and ultimate dream is life nutrition, which will make all the people happy and healthy" - Anna Desyatova, Production Director





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Eating living foods helps people to be beautiful both inwardly and outwardly, allows harmonious development and building a better world around them. Our job, inter alia, is to create one’s own philosophy of life in which one learn to be kind to all living creatures. These principles form our kitchen, cooking classes, goods and services of our company.
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We are the only ones in Europe, working with plant food fermentation technology, which allows us to create a unique product. Fermented foods contain essential vitamins and minerals for your body needs, «good» bacteria, «live» enzymes and amino acids.

All our packaging is environmentally friendly. We use glass instead of plastic and paper. Our goal is to obtain maximum benefit from the product, minding the environment.

GoodNature X-1

For the production of juices made-up of fresh greens, vegetables, fruits and nut milk, we use Goodnature X-1 Cold Press Juicer:

The X-1 press is a professional electro-hydraulic press filter containing one compartment, the machine is capable of producing a thousand bottles of juice per day allowing a single operator to wring from a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs up to 70 liters of juice per hour, processing up to 100 kg of raw material per hour.