Лакса карри
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Curry Laksa

700 rub.
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Coconut milk. Zucchini. Oyster mushrooms. Bell pepper. Soy sprouts. Kelp noodles. Spinach. Cashew. Curry
250 г
Кокосовое молоко. Цуккини. Еринги. Болгарский перец. Проростки сои. Водоросли Келп. Шпинат. Кешью. Карри.


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 215 KKAL
Coconut milk contains natural protein, vitamin D and valuable fatty acids, which help strengthen bones, muscles and joints. Zucchini with regular use raises immunity and relieves inflammation. The eringas contain a lot of protein, and also remove excess salt and slag from the body. Bulgarian pepper is rich in riboflavin, retinol, ascorbic acid, tocopherol and thiamine. Soybean sprouts give energy. Algae Kelp supplies the body with iodine, and spinach - vitamins C, A and Group B, cashew contains starch and natural sugar, giving strength and clarity of mind. And curry stimulates appetite and helps to transform fats and carbohydrates into useful energy.