Лапша Келп Cacio E Pepe  ( RAW )
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Kelp Noodles Cacio E Pepe ( RAW )

750 rub.
temporary not avalaible
290 г
Водоросли келп. Горошек. Ферментированная рикотта из миндаля. Устричные грибы


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 190 KKAL
Kelp Seaweed. Pea. Fermented Almondricotta. Oyster Mushrooms
Kelp noodles stimulates digestion and mental activity due to a large amount of iodine, and peas are a valuable source of protein. Fermented ricotta from almonds is also rich in protein, and besides it contains valuable minerals important for the health of muscles, bones and blood vessels. Oyster mushrooms give the dish a piquant taste, and also supply the body with vitamins C, E and P, regulating metabolism and helping to be in tonus and quickly lose extra pounds.