Лингуине из корня сельдерея с грибами
Лингуине из корня сельдерея с грибами
*Serving may differ from shown on the photo

Celeriac Linguine

500 rub.
- + уп Add
Celeriac. Champignon. Pumpkin Seeds. Parsley thyme. Trufe Oil
260 г


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 250 KKAL
Celery is rich in minerals of youth, responsible for the health of the skin and nails, as well as fiber, which fights with toxins and toxins. Champignons contain protein, useful for our muscular system, and pumpkin seeds improve stool and improve immunity. Parsley and thyme are responsible for the youth of the epidermis, and truffle oil pleasantly aromatizes the dish, turning it into a gastronomic masterpiece of restaurant level!