Мятно-Лаймовый смузи-боул
Мятно-Лаймовый смузи-боул
*Serving may differ from shown on the photo

Mint-lime Smoothie Bowl

400 rub.
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Mint. Lime. Banana. Spirulina. Almond Milk. Pistachio. Trufe
300 г


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 270 KKAL
Mint has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and blood vessels, and also protects against viral and bacterial infections. Lime is rich in vitamin C, which strengthens immunity. Banana is useful for active brain work and excellent mood. Spirulina protects the body from free radicals. is a natural antioxidant. Almond milk contains calcium and protein, which is important for the bone and muscle skeleton. Pistachios enhance mental and physical performance, and a noble truffle turns smoothies into an exquisite delicacy with a royal character!