Салат Урап
*Serving may differ from shown on the photo

Urap salad

450 rub.
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Spinach. Soy sprouts. Celery. Shallot. Cilantro. Beans. Chili. Sweet chili sauce.
200 г


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 230 KKAL
<p>Spinach has a positive effect on metabolism, skin youth and eyesight, as it is rich in group B vitamins, retinol, tocopherol and ascorbic acid. Soybean sprouts include an optimal set of minerals, sugars and fiber: magnesium, sodium, potassium, manganese, zinc, iron, selenium and phosphorus, and also contain easily digestible protein needed for muscles. Celery has a positive effect on man's health and strength, and shallots due to folic acid are useful for future mothers. Cilantro has gastrointestinal cleansing properties. Beans supply the body with a "long" protein, consumed throughout the day. Chile accelerates metabolism and promotes vivacity and harmony, and Sweet Chili sauce adds a spicy sauce and improves appetite!</p>