Том ям
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Tom Yum

400 rub.
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Знаменитый тайский суп на основе кокосового молока с пастой Том Ям собственного приготовления, рисом Басмати, шампиньонами, кукурузой, болгарским перцем и тофу.
330 г


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 173 KKAL
Vegetable broth for a long time recharges with energy and helps the work of the stomach and intestines, coconut milk saturates the body with protein and minerals. Cauliflower contains dietary fibers that stimulate peristalsis, champignons are rich in protein. Tomatoes, coriander, lime leaves and lemongrass supplement the ration with vitamins A, E and C. A ginger, garlic, green onions and chili peppers are a storehouse of phytoncides that strengthen immunity at any time of the year.