Veg borscht с домашней сметаной
Veg borscht с домашней сметаной
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Veg borscht

320 rub.
- + уп Add
постный суп: свекла, розовые томаты, картофель, зелень, овощной бульон, гималайская соль, оливковое масло. домашняя сметана на основе кешью и мякоти кокоса
280 г
Beetroot has a positive effect on the functions of hematopoiesis, saturating the blood with hemoglobin and antioxidants. Radish contains a variety of dietary fiber, which are necessary for proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Tofu is a source of digestible protein. Avocados are valuable polyunsaturated fatty acids, beneficial to the heart, blood vessels and joints. Dill and parsley contain the nutrients necessary for the activity and strength of bones, such as ascorbic acid, B vitamins, pyridoxine, calcium and manganese. A bow and garlic are a storehouse of phytoncides that protect the body from flu and colds.