Фундучное печенье
*Serving may differ from shown on the photo

Hazelnut cookies

150 rub.
temporary not avalaible
Фундучная паста, пюре яблочное, молоко миндальное, цуканат, мука миндальная, мука из полбы, какао масло, какао тертое, сироп топинамбура соль розовая гималайская
Amount of package
45 г
<p>Almond crunch supplies the body with minerals that are responsible for the health of the skeleton, teeth and nails. Vanilla fermented tofu is rich in protein and enzymes that preserve healthy intestinal microflora. And strawberry sauce and fresh berries contain natural acids-antioxidants and vitamin C, responsible for our youth, activity, strong immunity and beauty!</p>