Сок Цитрусово-мятный
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Citrus-mint juice

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Срок изготовления 24 часа
Best before
72 часа при 0-5 °C. После вскрытия хранить не более 12 часов.
grapefruit, orange, pear, lime, mint
Стандарт качества
ТУ 10.32.19-014-52793932-2017
витамины А, C, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, Н, E,K,P, РР, бета-каротин, калий, кальций, магний, никель, молибден, фосфор, натрий, железо, йод, фосфор, зола
тонус, укрепляет иммунитет и нервы


100 g contains:

  • Caloricity: 40.2 KKAL
  • Proteins: 0.8 g
  • Fats: 0.1 g
  • Сarbohydrates: 9.3 g
Grapefruit helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, increases the acidity of the stomach, so it can be safely used by those who have low acidity. He is able to raise the vitality of the body and positively affects the mood. Oranges are an excellent preventive of vitamin deficiency, strengthen immunity, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and have a beneficial effect on the activity of the cardiovascular system. Pears in our juice participate in the blood, remove toxins and toxins from the body. Lime promotes the removal of toxic substances from our body. Essential oils of lime normalize the process of digestion and increase appetite. The main benefit of mint is that it is a good soothing.