Тофу-стейк с овощами, Vegan (веганский) продукт, в продаже
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Тофу-стейк с овощами
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Tofu steak with veggies

600 rub.
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Tofu. Spinach. Dill. Garlic. Almond milk. Carrot. Zucchini. Cress sprouts.
250 г


1 portion contains:

  • Caloricity: 390 KKAL
<p>Tofu with regular use helps build muscle mass, strengthens the bones of the skeleton, and also promotes the formation of healthy intestinal microflora and the support of optimal weight. Spinach also helps to lose weight and purify the body due to insoluble fiber. Dill and garlic improve the work of the stomach and promote rapid and productive digestion of food. Almond milk helps the health of the spine and joints. Carrots supply the vessels of the eyes with necessary carotene for acute vision. Zucchini is rich in group B vitamins, and is also responsible for rapid saturation without excess calories. A watercress helps to remove toxins and toxins, and as a result - improves metabolism and natural weight normalization.</p>